The Grid View below lists all invoice lines of the database. All fields are searcheable, and can be sorted.

The implementation is very easy with RelatedSearchBehavior. Check out the 'Invoiceline' model to see how it is done.

In the left corner above you may have access to debug functionnality. Click on "DB Query" to see the SQL queries, and specifically the search query near the end.

The database is open source from The schema is shown further below.

Displaying 1-4 of 2240 results.
InvoiceTrack NameComposerUnit PriceAlbum TitleArtistMedia TypeGenreLast NameFirst NameSupport Last NameSupport First NameSupport PhoneSupport Email
6Bye, Bye Brasil 0.99Minha HistoriaChico BuarqueMPEG audio fileLatinZimmermannFynnPeacockJane+1 (403)
7Atras Da Porta 0.99Minha HistoriaChico BuarqueMPEG audio fileLatinSchröderNiklasPeacockJane+1 (403)
7Tatuagem 0.99Minha HistoriaChico BuarqueMPEG audio fileLatinSchröderNiklasPeacockJane+1 (403)
9Com Açúcar E Com Afeto 0.99Minha HistoriaChico BuarqueMPEG audio fileLatinGirardWyattPeacockJane+1 (403)